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Events Working Group

Last updated: Monday, 12th Oct 2020

Jane Fish, Chair

The purpose of the Events Working Group is to suggest, consider, review and support the delivery of FOCAL International events. These events are designed to promote the work of FOCAL members and the wider footage industry and well as encourage new members.

The committee consists of UK and international representatives from the FOCAL Library, Skills and Services and Researcher memberships and is chaired by a member of the FOCAL Executive who reports back to the FOCAL Executive Council.

Committee Members

Sandra Coelho

LOLA Clips

Co Founder

Mary Egan

FOCAL International Ltd

Director of Operations

Jo Griffin

R3store Studios Ltd

Chief Operating Officer

Jenny Hammerton

AP Archive

Account Manager

Susan Huxley

Susan Huxley

Consultant & Archive Film Researcher

Elizabeth Klinck

Elizabeth Klinck Research

Visual Researcher

Sue Malden

Sue Malden

Archive Consultant

Kay Page

Kay Page - Northbound TV

Co Managing Director - Northbound TV

David Seevers

David W. Seevers

Archive Consultant

Angela Spindler-Brown

Angela Spindler-Brown

Archive Researcher

Andrew Stevens

BBC Motion Gallery

Head of Operations and Content