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More information: Mentee

This is an International Scheme. Applications can be worldwide. Successful applicants will be matched after discussion by a delegated committee of FOCAL members and agree to participate in any relevant publicity.

In this scheme you will:

  • Develop skills, experience & self-confidence.
  • Grow network & knowledge of the Archive footage/Film industry.
  • Enhance your ability to set up concrete and achievable goals.
  • Ask questions and receive feedback.
  • Increase opportunities for work & job placement.


Newcomers of the archive/footage world need a relevant speaker to answer their questions and help them sharpen their strategy and establish a solid road map.

Individuals with a professional project who want a better understanding of the archive industry and who aspire to learn the ropes. People looking for guidance and expanding their knowledge.

Please get in touch if:

  • You're a student in Production, Media, Arts, Culture, Cinema, Journalism, History with a strong interest in the archive heritage and the audio-visual world.
  • You're a new entrant of the archive industry or an individual in a mid-career pivot.
  • You just landed a challenging position and want guidance in this new environment.
  • You can commit to a 6-months scheme including Zoom meetings and a physical event in September (Agenda to be found below).

What to expect:

  • A dedicated person to advise and provide guidance through monthly meetings over Zoom.
  • An initial training course with professionals of this industry on the 24th February.
  • Support from FOCAL all along.
  • A free accreditation to the Sunny Side of the Doc in June
  • A network online meeting in July with the mentorship's participants.
  • An invitation to the Member's Day in September.
  • Promotion and visibility opportunities: profile exposure within FOCAL's website training section & social media.
  • An associate membership offer (1st year).


  • The scheme will run over 6 months from the 24th February and will end with the FOCAL's member day in September. To take part in this scheme, mentors must be available:
  • On the 24th February for an initial online Careers workshop where we'll announce the launch of the scheme.
  • To meet at least once a month with their mentee (online or physically according to the initial agreement between the two) from March to September.
  • To attend an online network meeting in July (dates tbc).
  • To attend the FOCAL Member's Day in September (dates tbc).

Applications for this programme will open in January.