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Awards Working Group

Last updated: Tuesday, 9th Nov 2021

Mary Egan, Chair

The purpose of this group is to work together to suggest, consider, review and support the delivery of the annual FOCAL International Awards.

The Awards honour and recognises the very best of use of archival footage across the creative and cultural industries; acknowledges outstanding examples of restoration and preservation practices as well as paying tribute to the work of personnel working in the audio-visual industry.

Committee Members

Camille Carlier

FOCAL International Ltd

Awards & Membership Co-ordinator

Sandra Coelho

LOLA Clips

Co Founder

Gordon Craig

FremantleMedia Limited

Elizabeth Klinck

Klinck, Elizabeth

Visual Researcher

Kay Page

Page, Kay - Northbound TV

Co Managing Director - Northbound TV

Raelene Rawlings

Sky Clip Sales

Manager of Content Services - Managing Clips & Footage Sales for Sky News, Sky Sports and Sky Entertainment

Laura Scougall

ITV Archive

Head of Clip Sales

Andrew Stevens

BBC Motion Gallery

Head of Content and Operations - Motion Gallery