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FOCAL Awards 2023 Shortlisted Nominees

2023 shortlisted nominations

R3store Studios

Archival highlights

Established in 2016, we have become a leading company for scanning, grading, and restoration services. With clients worldwide, including the UK and Ireland, we specialize in fast turnaround scans for feature films and TV shows. Our recent upgrades in storage and computers enable real-time 4K working and HDR grading, resulting in faster turnaround times and a broader range of services. We collaborate closely with Archive Researchers and Producers to understand their exact requirements, making them an integral part of our team for long-term projects. Additionally, we provide training and support to non-technical team members, and we encourage clients to visit us to ensure technical specifications are met. Our experienced team works with diverse clients, such as archives, museums, brands, and feature films. Notable recent projects include music documentaries and the digitization and restoration of the Guinness archive, including over 500 global adverts. We have also launched a podcast in collaboration with our sister company, featuring interviews with clients discussing their careers and projects.

Huntley Film Archives

Archival highlights

Huntley Film Archives had a productive year, now housing over 100,000 film elements. With a new film scanner, they accelerated the availability of films, listing 78,000 titles on their website by mid-April 2023, including 12,500 HD scans for immediate purchase. The website expands daily, offering 10 to 20 new HD films for researchers to search by keyword, decade, category, and color. Specialist areas like 1960s U.S. Civil Rights footage and Gulf area films were made available in HD. The company attended trade shows and visited film archives worldwide, expanding into overseas markets. They prioritize preserving and scanning rare 28mm prints and offer amateur films as a unique resource. The company also provides work placements and recently expanded their archive into a neighboring building to accommodate new prints.

Getty Images

Archival highlights

Getty Images, founded in 1995, is a renowned provider of visual assets with a library of 520 million assets and partnerships with 70 editorial content partners. Their video collection boasts over 23 million clips, including content from top editorial video producers. They pioneered the content partner model, facilitating the commercialization of digital content and serving as a distribution channel for non-digitized video content from iconic collections like BBC and NBC News Archives. Getty Images supports the TV and film production industry, assisting over 2,000 productions in 2022 across various genres. They offer services such as Proof of Concept, personalized account management, and improved response times. Getty Images invests in teams, processes, and customer feedback to enhance their offerings and continues to prioritize authenticity and accurate visual representation.