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2024 FOCAL Awards 2024 Winners & Nominees

Footage Person of the Year

2024 Winner

Lucy Francis

Job Title:
Sales Support Manager, Motion Gallery
BBC Studios

Archival highlights

Lucy Francis, Motion Gallery’s Sales Support Manager, envisioned a digital workflow that would facilitate clients being able to carry out self-research and view digitised programmes on our VIDA library platform, select clips and submit them for approval. This could be achieved without clients contacting our sales team. To accomplish this Lucy brought together key stakeholders from Getty Images, Visual Data Media Services and Motion Gallery. Lucy laid out the benefits that this workflow would bring, minimising admin and increasing efficiency for clients, vital in an industry with very tight deadlines, whilst also reducing technical fees in a time of budgetary pressures. With our sales partner on board, and the technical expertise of VDMS, the opportunity to integrate the VIDA library platform with the Getty Images CRM system became a possibility, further streamlining the process for clients.

This innovation has given our clients much easier access to the BBC’s archive, with our collection now available globally 24/7. Since launch there has been widespread praise for the platform from our clients. Around 40% of their requests are now received directly from VIDA, allowing the Sales teams to focus on business development and our clients. This step change in our service was the result of Lucy’s vision and project leadership, from concept to delivery. Whilst delivering this fundamental innovation Lucy continued to manage her high performing team who never missed a beat.


Yannis Dubois

Job Titles:
Archive Producer and Teacher
Le Chaînon Manquant

Archival highlights

LE CHAINON MANQUANT is a French company founded in 1992, dedicated to the research and clearance of additional content, whether for documentaries, fiction, advertising, exhibitions, etc.

I know that doing this job within a company rather than on a freelance basis is rather strange, but it has enabled me to work on some particularly numerous and challenging projects: documentary series for platforms, dramas awarded at the Cannes Film Festival or the César Awards, commercials for international brands, and so on. It was a rich learning experience!

That's why several training organizations, including INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel), entrust me with a large number of assignments every year, not only for their students but also for archive professionals. I also train interns and other new members of the Chaînon Manquant team.

I'm also a film director, notably for exhibition films and 100% archive corporate films, with a prize for best director at the Trophées de la Communication in 2020 for an SNCF (national train company) film.

Brian Sargent

Job Title:
Managing Director
Fox Archive

Archival highlights

Brian and his team are extremely responsive and so fun to work with. They always have the most unique material, and Brian knows the collection extremely well. Even more, if he doesn’t have something I’m looking for, he will prioritize digitization of what I need. It’s so helpful, and it leads to unique and interesting footage. Brian also will work with projects, understanding our limitations while also showing extreme reverence for his vast archive and the enormous work they are doing. He understands the value of what they are doing for our community, but they also have reverence for the projects they help.

Brian shares the credit for his successes with his whole team, and that shows. And perhaps most importantly for this nomination, Brian (and his colleague Ben Ramos) build us up as a community, bringing us together for events and conversations. His enormous digitization project is his pride and joy, and we are so very lucky to have him. Not only is he exceptional at his job, but Brian is personable and very funny. He’s a joy to work with.

Stephanie Molloy

Job Title:
Strategic, Product Specialist
Getty Images

Archival highlights

Stephanie is in a league of her own when it comes to delivering and licensing archive footage. Stephanie has been an integral part in project managing over 50 of the largest archive projects at Getty Images in 2023. Stephanie has nearly 30 years’ experience in the industry, which is evident with her wealth of knowledge.

She has passion, resilience and will do anything to get the best possible content delivered. She has a in-depth knowledge of archive content, processes and people. Not only has she been integral in delivering and licensing over 1000 minutes of archive footage, she has also been the Getty Images lead in launching the BBC’s ground breaking platform VIDA. Steph spent years, shaping, driving, testing and delivering the system. Stephanie led the webinar which had over 200 researchers, giving a demonstration of how it worked. To this day, Stephanie is still working with the archive community to understand where we can improve VIDA for the future. The best thing about Stephanie is ‘no’, or ‘it’s not possible’ is not acceptable, she gets to the core and pushes to get stuff done.