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Best Archive Restoration & Preservation Project or Title

Whole Restoration projects, whether multiple or single title, will be considered and the best awarded accordingly. Restoration work of film or video tape will be considered.

Recipient - A library / archive and / or technical facility which has restored and preserved archival moving image content, whether single or multiple connected titles, originating on film or video.

Supporting visual material is required e.g. illustration of restoration work in progress, and a copy of the complete restored work , which should include a fully authored BLURAY or DVD as produced for public consumption, or other medium where appropriate. The work should have been completed and made accessible or been published within the qualifying year (2015).


NB. You will be asked to include a statement which explains:

1. The element(s) used for restoration, stating gauge and nature and specific problems associated with them e.g. damage, dispersal of elements and complexity of reconstruction (up to 100 words)

2. Original and restored aspect ratio and format (up to 100 words)

3. Time since aimed for version was last available. How does this version differ from previous versions e.g. in completeness and improvement in quality (up to 100 words)

4. Where the work was carried out for each title, (including labs and facility houses) and broken down where there are multiple titles in an entry (up to 100 words)

5. What methodology was used (up to 100 words)

6. What preservation elements have been generated and where they will be stored (up to 100 words)

7. How and where has the restoration been presented and made available to the public (up to 100 words)

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