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Best Use of Footage in Cinematic Features

The Cinematic Feature category recognises uses of archival footage in feature documentaries or films which are cinematic in ambition and scope but not necessarily limited to traditional cinema releases. They may be feature documentaries that rely on archival footage to drive the narrative or feature fiction that uses archival footage astutely to clarify or enhance the storytelling in an essential way.

The Judges will be looking for examples of work where:

  1. footage is central to the success of the production or it has given it an added value
  2. intelligent use of archival footage has helped the understanding of the topic or illustrated it in a way that words alone could not do
  3. traditional construction or innovative use of footage has managed to portray a topic in a unique way

Judges will also consider any of the following:

  1. has the archive material been widely seen?
  2. what efforts have been made to find new and / or appropriate footage?
  3. what efforts that have been made to ensure that the footage looks as good as possible?
  4. does what is seen on the screen match what the commentary or interviews say?
  5. is the programme’s narration factually accurate?
  6. is the use of footage historically accurate?

The criteria are deliberately loose, as submitted productions may be judged in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons.

Recipient - The award should go to the production team involved, including the Footage Researcher(s), headed by the Director or Producer. Supporting visual material is required. There is a £75(plus VAT) submission fee for this category.