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Meet the 2024 Mentees

We are delighted to announce the mentees for the FOCAL Mentoring Programme 2024!

We have 10 fantastic mentees based in the UK and internationally.

Laura Weatherburn

"I'm incredibly grateful to have been chosen for FOCAL's 2024 mentoring programme and paired with the fantastic Jim Anderson.
As an Archive Producer, I’ve been extremely fortunate to contribute to a rich and varied range of documentaries including the BAFTA and RTS Yorkshire award-winning 'Libby, Are You Home Yet?' by Candour Productions.
Coming from an advertising background, my research and licensing work with brands and agencies has equipped me to navigate the artistic, legal, and ethical considerations of using archival content in campaigns.
With Jim’s guidance and expertise, this opportunity offers a valuable chance to refine my practices in sourcing and managing materials for factual productions.
Having recently worked with a games and immersive design studio, I'm keen to explore further how archive can be integrated into other platforms and XR experiences, to reach new audiences now and in the future."

Marie Berthom

"During my film studies, I realised that what interested me the most was archive footage, particularly its valorisation. That's why, after my Masters, I trained as a researcher at the INA school (French National Audiovisual Institute). Having had the chance to work on various projects with Le Chaînon Manquant, I'd now like to have the tools I need to work as a freelance researcher. I'm particularly interested in non-professional footage and projects based on art history and pop culture."

Jess Brown

I am excited to take part in FOCAL’s mentoring programme. Since my Fine Arts degree, I have enjoyed working with archival material; working in an archive library for 2 and a half years and then as a freelance archive researcher in TV for the past year.
I’m looking forward to being able to use the programme as an opportunity to network, get tips on using and clearing archive as well as gain more insight into navigating the film and TV freelance world.

Dolly Church

"I currently work as an Archive Researcher at a Specialist Factual production company, based in London. I am passionate about history and technology, and love working with archive as a synthesis of these two passions — unearthing unseen footage, discovering new stories and working with different formats. Through this scheme I am hoping to develop my skillset, meet new people and broaden my horizons in the archive industry."

Linda Ogunsanya

Linda is a creative professional who joined the FOCAL Mentoring Programme to develop her career in post-production. With a strong background in archive research and post-production management, Linda is hoping to learn more about the footage industry and further expand her network.

Giorgia Amodio

Giorgia Amodio is an Archive Producer and Junior Clearance Supervisor with experience in documentary and narrative series and with a knowledge of International footage, music, stills archives and non-traditional sources. She has been working with major film production companies both in Italy and overseas curating the entire lifecycle of archival assets ensuring compliance with legal frameworks from pre- to post-production. Giorgia is also a filmmaker who creatively uses archival material to craft Found Footage works.

Margaux Chalancon

"Margaux Chalançon (b. Paris, 1993) is an audiovisual archivist and freelance post-producer, currently based in France. After several years of post-producing in Beirut, she then specialized in film preservation and restoration, obtaining her Masters from the Elias Querejeta Zine Eskola. She now combines her interest for audiovisual archives with her post-producing experience."

Maya Labiadh

Maya joins the FOCAL Mentoring Programme with a diverse background, she’s finishing her Master’s Degree in Film Heritage from INA SUP after getting a BA in Historical Science from the University of Strasbourg. Maya was honoured to take part in the Student Jury of the FOCAL Awards 2023. She's currently doing an internship at the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique in Brussels.

Chiemi Shimada

Chiemi Shimada is an artist, filmmaker and translator currently based in London. She worked as a restoration assistant at Tokyo Koon and hopes to pursue her career in the film and heritage sector. Through FOCAL International's mentoring scheme, she wishes to learn about opportunities in the archival world and the future of archives, as well as to connect with international professionals out there.

Guy Deboo

Guy has a History BA from the Royal Holloway, University of London, where he pioneered and founded the Royal Holloway Cinema Society during the pandemic. With a passion for history and film, Guy joined the FOCAL Mentoring Programme to learn more about the archive industry and develop his professional career.