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Mentor: Information

First off, we want to say thank you for expressing an interest in our mentoring programme, which has been set up to help inspire the next generation of those in all areas of the archive industry, and as a mentor you play an integral part in this.

What you will do as a mentor:

  • Meet virtually or in person with the mentee once a month
  • Provide guidance and advice to the mentee
  • Share your experience
  • Offer encouragement
  • Listen to the ideas and queries of your mentee

Benefits for being a mentor:

  • Profile and company exposure within FOCAL's website training section & on social media.
  • Develop leadership skills, supporting others to make effective decisions.
  • A deeper appreciation for the value you have to offer.
  • Opportunity to network with a new generation.
  • Supporting a newcomer into the industry.
  • Satisfaction of being a mentor, a listener.

What should you aim to do:

  • Encourage your mentee to ask questions
  • Help the mentee focus on their 'road map' with what they want to achieve
  • Assist the mentee with networking
  • Actively listen and create an open environment
  • Help inspire ideas
  • Provide challenges for your mentee to achieve
  • Overall, you want to help your mentee develop personally and professionally.


The programme will run over 6 months from April 2024.

To take part in this programme, mentors are asked to be available:

  • To meet virtually at least once a month with their mentee from April to October.
  • If possible, meet in person once depending on location of mentee.
  • A speed-mentoring session where all the mentors and mentees can meet - Date TBC

We recommend you create checkpoints with your mentee. You will want to set aside time to discuss progress and check in to see what you both believe works well and what you think does not work.

If you wish to take part please contact Mary Egan at [email protected] for more information.