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FIAT/IFTA- International Federation of Television Archives

Member since 2010

c/o INA Department of Rights and Archives
4 Avenue de l\'Europe
Bry-sur-Marne Cedex F-94366
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Audiovisual media dominates today’s global information society. We all are almost constantly surrounded by moving images and television stands out of this “media storm” as one of the most powerful and yet so familiar parts of everyday life.

Just think of all the TV images you have in your mind when looking back to the history of the last 60 years. Whenever something outstanding was happening, television was usually there. And not only for the political agenda, it was also there to entertain us, comfort us, make us laugh, cry, angry or happy.
But what happens with all these audiovisual memories? Where and how are they sorted and kept for future generations? You will find answers to these and a lot more questions when joining the Fédération Internationale des Archives de Télévision / The International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA).

Founded in 1977, more than 250 members have joined our organisation that promotes co-operation amongst radio and television archives, multimedia and audiovisual archives and libraries, and all those engaged in the preservation and exploitation of moving image and recorded sound materials and associated documentation.


Brid Dooley

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