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Footage.net is the world’s largest aggregator of stock footage databases, providing serious footage researchers with free access to the most comprehensive roster of stock, archival and news footage indexes online. At Footage.net, researchers can search 30 of the world’s top stock footage archives with one search, find better content and save time. Researchers can also make use of Footage.net’s powerful connectivity tools to track down hard-to-find stock footage and simplify the footage search process.

Footage.net provides access to a growing collection of online screening clips as well as millions of detailed text records, giving stock footage researchers maximum flexibility in how they discover and obtain motion content. Researchers can browse the clip-based inventory to grab an iconic image, or trawl through the vast text database to surface obscure subject matter. Many researchers begin and end their search for stock footage on Footage.net because searching multiple collections simultaneously from one central research platform expedites the research process.

The Footage.net Zap Email is an easy and efficient way for researchers to broadcast their footage request(s) to over 50 of the world’s top footage providers. Researchers can fill out a very short Zap Email online form, hit send and Footage.net’s partners will review their request and contact them if they have stock footage that meets their requirements.

Since 1994, Footage.net has focused on meeting the needs of both footage users and footage providers, and has worked to strengthen the footage licensing industry as a whole. Now fully redesigned, Footage.net helps researchers find the right motion content, including animation, faster and more easily than ever before, and generates new leads and licensing opportunities for its member archives on a daily basis.


David Seevers

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