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Berger, Lisa

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Archive Producer and Consultant specializing in films and series on contemporary history of Spain. Extensive experience locating and clearing rights to footage, stills, press and documents from international and Spanish public and private sources. She is the president of the newly-founded Association of Visual Researchers of SPAIN / Asociación de documentalistas audiovisuales de España (ADAE). She has lived in Barcelona, Spain for over 30 years where she has researched, written, directed and produced documentaries on social and historical topics. Born and raised in New York, Lisa holds a Masters in Media Studies from the New School University in New York and a BA with a concentration in Women’s studies from Hampshire College. She was the Archive Producer and Visual Researcher on Murder by the Coast; The Wanninkhof-Carabantes Case, a feature-length documentary commissioned by Netflix that premiered in June 2021, for which she handled the research in the UK including interviewees. She was the Archive Producer on a 9-part series on the Franco dictatorship, Spain in Colour for Discovery Channel for which she was a finalist for the Focal International Best Researcher of the Year Award in 2020, the year the ceremony was held virtually. For TVE’s Documentos TV, she wrote and directed ConVIHvir, on líving with AIDS in Spain (2009) and wrote El hilo de Ariadna on women in prison in Spain (2003) - Human Rights Award from the Spanish Lawyers Council. Her self-initiated documentaries are all from a feminist perspective. She directed and produced Volem fer de pares, two shorts on the changes fathers make to raise their children, aired on “Gran Angular” 2009 and produced Què es pot fer? for “Gran Angular” La2 - Special Mention - Barcelona Communication and Social Welfare awards, 2001. Lisa produced and co-directed ...All Our Lives, on women in the anarchist movement during the Spanish Civil War broadcast on TVE and WNET-NY, 1986. Path to Freedom was shown at the Valladolid and Résistances film festivals. She handled the research for many TV documentaries such as A War in Hollywood, two major exhibits at the CCCB, “At War” and “The World of Television”. On Land and Freedom, directed by Ken Loach, she was the Crowd Coordinator. Lisa was the International News Producer at Canal+ TV, during the launch of the network in Madrid, and later a producer of their children’s programming in Barcelona. She has also been a production manager on several documentaries including Montserrat Caballé, Beyond the Music for which she organized shoots in Europe and the US, with the singer and other renowned figures and taught a course on making documentaries from a feminist perspective at the Escola de la Dona, Barcelona.


series in production for Sky and NBCU

Gebrueder beetz Filmproduktion Berlin GmbH & Co.KG (2022) , Archive Consultant

Temporary immersive exhibit at the Modernist Building, Casa Amatller

L’Ideal / Layers of Reality (2022) , Archive Producer

Spain in the 20th Century in Color (1931-1979) 6 x 56 min series

Minoria Absoluta for Television Española (2021-2022) , Archive Producer

Marlowe feature film directed by Neil Jordan

Sur Film 1939 (2021) , Located footage of 1930s LA to be projected for background in a scene car during shooting on location in Barcelona and Ireland. Contacted 10 international archives in 2 days.

Pajares y CIA (5 x 30 min)

Producciones del Barrio for Atresmedia/Atresplayer online streaming (2021) , Archive Producer Located and negotiated footage, still photos and press from public and private archives and collections on the comic actors Andrés Pajares and Fernando Esteso who made 9 films together during the Spanish transition, 1979-84

film project on feminism (in production)

Lucernam Films (2021) , Visual Researcher - International research

Murder by the Coast; The Wanninkhof-Carabantes Case

Brutal Media for Netflix (2020) , Archive Producer, Research and UK interviews

Spain in Colour 15 x 45 min series on the Franco dictatorship

Discovery Communications Spain (DMax) (2018-2019) , Archive Producer

Cloacas de Interior: documentary that uncovers in-depth primary source research into alleged bad practices inside the Spanish Interior Ministry, based on audio recordings between the Minister of Interior, Fernández Díaz and the then head of the Anti-Fraud Office of Catalonia, revealed by the Spanish newspaper, Público

Mediapro (2018) , Archive Producer Obtained footage from the Popular Party, the party then in power and accused of wrong-doing in the documentary, International and Spanish TV and press sources

Hacking Justice; The Defense of Julian Assange: documentary on Baltasar Garzón’s work to get asylum status for the founder of Wikileaks while at Ecuadorean Embassy in London

Mediapro Broadcast on The History Channel, Canal Sur, WDR (2017) , Archive Producer

Zone of Hope Extreme Virtual Reality exhibit on the impact of Climate Change

Mediapro Exhibitions (2017) , Archive Producer international footage research

Gamper, the man who invented Barça

Lavinia Audiovisual Coproduced with Point Prod, Switzerland for Teleclub, RTS - RTV Suisse, FC Barcelona and TV3 (2017) , Archive Producer

Dia Cero 6-hour documentary series on the history of Spain told through the lives of one famous person and two anonymous people born on exactly the same day from all over Spain

Gestmusic Endemol for inauguration of Canal 0 on Movistar+ (2016) , Archive Producer located and negotiated archival footage for each individual featured, from Salamanca to Ceuta

Research, Standards & Practices Dept

National Geographic TV International, Washington DC (2014-2015) , Fact-checking scripts for acquired documentaries

Barcelona Mobile World Capital Permanent Exhibit

Focus Audiovisuals (2012) , Obtained and coordinated interviews with experts on mobility in the US and Europe as well as testimonies of people for whom mobile devices have changed their lives in Africa, Asia and Latin America

“Ideas to Change the World” 3-day encounter of intellectuals and world leaders sponsored by the Basque Government held in Bilbao, Spain under the auspices of the Year of Culture, Peace and Liberty to celebrate the end of armed conflict in Spain when ETA declared an end to armed struggle

Focus Audiovisuals (2011-2012) , Executive in Charge of Public Relations. Located and invited world-renowned writers, scientists, and political leaders including Shashi Tharoor, Member of Indian Parliament, former Minister of State for External Affairs and former Under-Secretary-General of the UN, Sergio Ramírez, VP of Nicaragua in 1985, Michelle Bachelet, then Exec Dir of UN Women who sent a video message for opening night, the writers, Germaine Greer, Susan George and Susan Abulhawa. Wrote copy for and sent invitations, followed-up by phone and written correspondence including contracts with speakers; suggested alternate candidates who attended, including Amy Goodman, director of Democracy Now! From New York, and Wassila Tamzali, the Algerian lawyer, former director for women’s rights at UNESCO and author of books such as The Burka as an Excuse Served as first point of contact for VIP guests on event site. Interpreted for Patxi Lopez, the Basque President as he greeted guests such as Zygmunt Bauman since the Basque President didn’t speak English

Google and the World Brain

Polar Star Films (2011-12) , Archive Producer - charged with finding people critical of Google's attempt to upload all of everybody's information but nobody was

Spain’s Stolen Babies

BBC Dir. Katya Adler (2011) , Offered right of reply to representatives of Catholic church and right-wing party (Popular Party)

Human Rights Project & Awards

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA) - New York (2010) , Coordinator - Prepared launch of annual human rights award; created database of international organizations devoted to historical memory and human rights in Spain and Latin America; published, summarized and translated news into English about relevant events in Spain on blog

The Impostor

Raw TV (2010) , Archive Researcher

ConVIHvir - Documentos TV

Lavinia Productora commissioned by Televisión Española (2009) , Writer and Director on people living with HIV/AIDS in Spain focusing on how social stigma still prevents people from protecting themselves from infection

Water, a Unique Resource Exhibit at Expo Zaragoza

MediaPro (2007-2008) , Headed research department to identify and obtain moving and still pictures from 36 international sources: commercial archives, broadcasters in developing countries and documentary filmmakers

At War

Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (2003-2004) , Visual Researcher

Orwell, Against the Tide

Area de TV / Pelicula Films for Scottish TV (2003) , Visual Researcher

Ariadna’s Thread: Women in Prison - Documentos TV

Creación Multimedia. Broadcast: TVE Spain and International in Latin America (2003) , Scriptwriter and Original Idea. Human Rights Award of the Spanish Lawyers Council


Ovideo TV (2001) , conducted pre-interviews in New York for documentary on Dalí’s wife,

Caballé; Beyond the Music

Morena Films /Ibits (2001) , Production Manager - Obtained interviews with the renowned artists Montserrat Caballé knew and coordinated film shoots with them in several European cities and New York

A War in Hollywood / Hollywood vs Franco

Àrea TV (2000-2009) , As Production Manager, organized interview shoots in NY and LA, Obtained interviews with experts, Hollywood scriptwriters and Susan Sarandon, As Researcher, obtained never-before-seen 16mm footage of Alvah Bessie, rights to Hollywood film clips, and footage from NARA and other US sources

Development Manager

Paral.lel 40 (1999-2000) , Identified co-production partners and funding for documentary production company; wrote grant application and won Slate Funding from the European MEDIA Program to develop 3 documentaries. Negotiated co-productions with potential partners on 4-part documentary series with ARTE France, Brian Lapping Prods. UK. Travelled by myself to London to negotiate the terms and together with the Executive Producer and our Catalan Broadcaster to coordinate the pitch presented at the International Pitching Forum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The World of TV

Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (1999) , Visual Researcher

The Best Journeys on Earth

The Travel Channel, “D”, Canada (1999) , Local Production Manager - Set up interviews and film shoots for episode on architecture in Catalonia

Infoville Stories series to encourage young people to use Internet

ArtBit, Palma, Majorca for Antena 3 and Valencian TV (1998) , Production Manager Coordinated studio production of virtual reality and live actor, post-production and 3-D graphics for 26 x 15 min series

Managing AV Productions for International Audiences (MAP)

Media Research & Consultancy, Madrid, Spain (1998) , Assistant to the Director - Coordinated set up of seminars to be held in India to open European market to Indian films. Travelled with director to New Delhi, India to meet with local partners and prestigious members of the film community including well-known actors.

Daily children’s programming

Canal+ TV - Barcelona (1995-1998) , Producer In charge of production in outside production facilities where we filmed the link program with hosts (Nora Navas and Aitor Merino), broadcast nationally. Attended INPUT in Nantes, FR


Program for the International Launch of TV Series (1994-95) , Assistant to the Director - Coordinated logistics for all European participants and expert writers and producers who travelled from the US for annual workshops, designed to develop European long-running television series, under the auspices of the European MEDIA Program and Catalan TV for one cycle (workshops held in the resort town of Sitges in June and October)

Documentaries on candidates for Turner Art Awards (Hannah Collins and Craigie Horsefield)

Illuminations TV for Channel 4 (1993 and 1996) , Production Manager in Barcelona

All in the Game

Central Films, UK and Imatco / TVE (1993) , Spanish Production Coordinator for 6 x 1 hour mini-series. Filmed primarily in Barcelona. Fictionalized version of Gary Lineker’s life in Barça soccer club

Land and Freedom

Parallax Pictures/BBC Messidor/TVE (1991-1994) , Cast and coordinated non-professional actors on location in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain / Conducted research during script development; set up and translated interviews with veterans of the Spanish Civil War for director.

Producer of International News and non-daily programs

Canal+ TV Spain - Madrid (1989-1991) , International News Dept., during the launch of the network, Handled start-up procedures for regular satellite reception. Assisted Dir. of Production, News, with contracts with TV news agencies and networks, Produced current affairs documentaries:in-house productions and acquisitions from producers. Coordinated ABC’s World News Tonight, received live via satellite and aired 7 hours later subtitled into Spanish 6 days a week, Produced live boxing matches on site in the US (Mike Tyson in Las Vegas and Atlantic City).

Women Make Movies - Non-profit production and distribution company specializing in the educational market (1988) , Distribution coordinator

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2nd EP Dia Cero based on Born On format featuring one of the first female firefighters in Spain

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ConVIHvir. Documentos TV, Televisión Española (wrote and directed)

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Spain in the 20th Century in Color (1931-1979) 6 x 56 min series for Televisión Española

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