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Adan, Fernanda

Member since 2022

I am a film researcher and producer as well as a journalist. I have a large experience on conducting research, copyright clearance and negotiating with suppliers. I usually work for documentaries (films or series), but also for some historical fiction, educational TV programmes and advertisements. I mainly collaborate on projects based in Spain, but I am interested in opening up to other markets.


La liga de los hombres extraordinarios (The League of Extraordinary Men)

Movistar Plus (2022) , Archival researcher & producer

Ruiz-Mateos, el primer fenómeno viral (Ruiz-Mateos, the first viral phenomenon)

RTVE (2021) , Archival researcher & producer


Amazon Prime (2020) , Archival researcher & producer

Enigma Verdaguer

RTVE / TVC (2019) , Archival researcher