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FOCAL's Murder Mystery Zoom Night

Online, Zoom from 18:00 GMT

Tickets are now closed for the Murder Mystery Night - If you would like to take part please contact [email protected]

Do you pin yourself as a detective?

Come and join us for an enjoyable evening with your friends and colleagues at the FOCAL Murder Mystery Zoom Night!

To set the scene, it's 1923, and the party seems endless at Jay Glittersby's New York mansion, that is until a shot rings out. Was the motive revenge, jealousy, or greed? Is the murdered a flapping dancer, a jazzy musician, or even the butler? Maybe it will be... YOU!

The Murder Mystery night is partly scripted and partly improvised. So get your actor hats on ready to delve into improvisations when being interrogated by the rest of the group. Can you convince us that you are not the murderer?...

You will be given your character profiles and script a couple of days before the event and on the night you'll find out if you're the murderer!

The Murder Mystery is played as an individual, however, there are multiple characters that are grouped together, so if there are 2 people on the same Zoom screen, you’ll be given complimentary characters. Please just sign-up together in the form or send us an email to let us know.

The Zoom will run for approximately 2 hours. Make sure to dress up for extra points!

Please confirm your attendance through the booking form below by November 15th.