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Licensing Content from African Continent

Zoom - Online, 16:00 to 17:00 (GMT)

FOCAL and #PreserveAfricaArchives Partnered On 'Licensing Content From African Continent'

#PreserveAfricaArchives - the initiative dedicated to preserving sound and audiovisual assets in Africa - and the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries (FOCAL) are delighted to announce their new partnership.

In this workshop, we explored what material (stills, footage, audio) are available from across the continent. We discussed the complexities of searching content, the best route into the market and the work being undertaken to digitize archives to increase access and unlock content. We asked the panellists if there are territorial or moral rights that need to be taken into consideration as well as what is happening in the African market today and the vision for the future.

The Panel:

Extract from Salim Amin's Full Story Bio

Recognized in 2007 as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Salim’s leadership has been rewarded. Today, Camerapix works in collaboration with production partners throughout Africa, Britain, Europe, Asia and the United States. New African Magazine has recognized Salim as one of the top “100 Most Influential Africans” and has named Salim among their “Top 50 Under 50.” Salim was one of only 150 global leaders invited to President Obama’s 2010 summit on Presidential Entrepreneurship in Washington DC.

To get in touch with Salim - [email protected]

Extract from Paul Weinberg Bio

Paul Weinberg is a photographer, curator, filmmaker, writer, educationist and archivist. He began his career in the early 1980s by working for South African NGOs and photographing current events for news agencies and foreign newspapers.

To get in touch with Paul - [email protected]

35+ years of experience in the global media industry having worked for the likes of Getty Images. Subsequently founded RealTime, a leading South African based global content agency. Kate also runs Africa Media Online’s content library, which specialises in the preservation & digitisation of heritage content. She has worked on major global archives & with global organisations. Kate is a recognised media industry figure with an extensive understanding of Archives and their value. She has a passion for collaboration, working together for the greater good.

To get in touch with Kate - [email protected]

The workshops are free for members and available to non-members for a nominal fee of £10.00 plus VAT (if applicable).

Any non-member signing up for one or multiple workshops we will off-set your fee against FOCAL International Membership.

Zoom details will be sent on January 24th 2022.