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FOCAL Online Workshop: Technology: Future Applications and Platforms

16:00 - 17:00 (GMT) admission from 15:45

Can you keep up with the ever-changing technological environment?

During our Zoom Workshop we provided an exclusive opportunity where we use everyday knowledge and experiences to discuss options to enhance and streamline everyday business.

FOCAL International brought together industry experts to take you through how best to work with AI from a user and rights holder point of view, how to introduce new services such as parallel transcoding for faster-than-real-time performance and finally how to acknowledge key trends and future interaction technology.


Emma Perry

Emma Perry is the digital and business strategy at BAFTA, Time Out and Mumsnet, leading new projects from conception and design to delivery and development post-launch.

Emma works cross team (product, technology, editorial, UX, design, marketing) and managing working groups across multiple stakeholders to deliver projects to deadline. Emma is experienced in managing software teams, editorial teams and community groups, both operationally and strategically – often co-ordinating groups in different countries and time zones.

Tom Blake

Tom has led Imagen from developers of bespoke software to a fully cloud based software-as-a-service solution back in 2013 to avail the benefits of rapid deployment and dynamic scalability. Imagen have been developing software for the management and commercialisation of digital video libraries for over two decades. In 2020, with cloud achieving mainstream acceptance, Imagen are helping large video libraries migrate, leveraging AI and advancing storage management capabilities to provide affordability and future-proofing.

David Candler

David Candler is Senior Director, Customer Solutions at Veritone, a leading AI technology company with purpose-built applications for the M&E industry. David has worked in the industry for over 25 years and has a track record of successfully developing and implementing cloud-based, AI-powered workflow solutions that enable M&E organisations to innovate and accelerate their media utilisation and processes.


SUPERCHARGE YOUR CONTENT AND BOOST MONETISATION: Veritone’s AI-enabled solutions drive digital transformation for leading Media & Entertainment companies including studios, networks, broadcasters and sports organisations. By automating and simplifying content accessibility, searchability, distribution and analysis, organisations can discover content in whole new ways, drive operational efficiencies and generate new revenue streams. Create | Manage | Deliver | Analyse | Monetise. Also see here for the Veritone aiWARE Webpage.

CONTENT LICENSING FOR RIGHTS HOLDERS AND BUYERS: Veritone offers content licensing for creative projects and provides monetisation services for content rights holders. Veritone provides content buyers and rights holders alike a team of experts to support their projects and ensure seamless content delivery. Top documentarians, producers, directors, and creatives trust Veritone to provide them with exclusive content, including iconic and historic moments that they can’t simply buy from a generic stock footage site. Also see here for the Veritone Licensing Marketplace

INTELLIGENT DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT: Veritone Digital Media Hub is a cloud-native, AI-enabled media management portal specifically designed for content owners in sports, film, TV, news, and media enterprises. Custom-branded to maintain your company’s personality, Digital Media Hub allows content creators to immediately access, search, manage, share, and monetise media including videos, still images, and audio. Also see here for the Veritone Digital Media Hub Webpage