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FOCAL Workshop: Licensing Content from National & Regional UK Archives

Online - Zoom

FOCAL International offered this exclusive online workshop which gave you an opportunity discovery the wealth of content available from across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Representatives from five film archives were on hand to showcase highlights and share details of their extensive collections, how you search material, what rights are available and their process for end-to-end delivery of content.

All online workshops are free for members and available to non-members for a nominal fee of £10.00 plus VAT (if applicable).


East Anglian Film Archive

Website: www.eafa.org.uk
Contact: [email protected]

Speaker: Angela Graham. The East Anglian Film Archive is a regional film archive wholly owned by the University of East Anglia. Established in 1976, and part of the University since 1984, EAFA contains a collection of thousands of films and television programmes from 1896 to the present day, including unique collections from Anglia Television, BBC East, and the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers. Holdings include amateur collections, educational film, travelogues and documentaries. The collection includes approximately 75,000 catalogue titles and 148,000 physical items in total in the vaults. We are able to digitise all film formats and many video formats in house. There is over 200 hours of footage to browse on our website eafa.org.uk.

East Anglian Film Archive - Showreel

Northern Ireland Screen's Digital Film Archive

Website: https://digitalfilmarchive.net/index
Contact: [email protected]

Speaker: Ann Donnelly. Originally launched in November 2000, Northern Ireland Screen's Digital Film Archive (DFA) is a free public access resource. Constantly updated and expanding, the DFA contains hundreds of hours of moving image titles, spanning from 1897 to the present day. Primarily focused on Northern Irish society, the collection contains broadcast news, feature films, television dramas, sport, documentaries, animation, light entertainment, amateur footage, newsreels and more. This session will introduce participants to the archive and the DFA website and show some highlights from the collection.

The Media Archive for Central England

Website: https://www.macearchive.org/
Contact: [email protected]

Speaker: Amanda Huntley, a film archivist for over thirty years, is on the Board of Trustees of The Media Archive for Central England (MACE) which is a regional public film archive for the East and West Midlands. The aim is to make film, video and digital materials of the region as accessible as possible. To do this we collect, preserve and document moving images of the region, so we can better understand, appreciate and enjoy the history and culture of the Midlands.

MACE is an independent company and registered charity that is supported by the University of Lincoln where we are based.

Yorkshire and North East Film Archive

Website: www.yfanefa.com
Contact for General: [email protected]
Contact for Commercial: [email protected]

Speaker: Graham Relton. As a registered charity, the Yorkshire/North East Film Archive work to collect, preserve, and make their extraordinary collections accessible for everyone. With over 70,000 items of original film, video tape, and born-digital material, the task of preserving, cataloguing, and digitising these collections is immense – but so are the rewards. People are fascinated to see their own communities, the lives of their grandparents and great-grandparents, the fashions, transport, the momentous events of the decades, through to the fascinating insight into the everyday lives of people throughout the past century.

The Archive operates from two bases, both with specialist vaults facilities and expertise to ensure the highest standards of care for our collections. The Yorkshire Film Archive is based in York, the North East Film Archive is based in Middlesbrough. The staff team work across all the collections, bringing a wealth of archival expertise, curatorship, regional knowledge, and a passion for sharing the collections, so whether you are a production company looking to licence amazing content, a local interest group wanting to find out about their film show programmes, or have a film collection you’d like advice on – they’re ready to help.

All online workshops are free for members and available to non-members for a nominal fee of £10.00 plus VAT (if applicable).

Any non-member signing up for one or multiple workshops, we will off-set your fee against FOCAL International Membership if application is received and approved before the 31st March 2021

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]