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Duke’s incredible motorsport archive at your fingertips

Duke’s incredible motorsport archive at your fingertips

When you need motorsport footage for your project, make the Duke Video Archive your first port of call.
For over forty years Duke has been a world leader in motorsport footage and now, with the launch of the Duke Video Archive, it is easier than ever before to locate the exact clip you need.

The footage, covering 1950s through to the present - but with a strong focus on 1980s and 1990s world series - can be searched by keyword, name, date or phrase.

Using the latest AI technology Duke are rapidly indexing their vast library of film and making it all available to the industry for licensing and clip sales.

Fast and simple - go straight to what you need

Duke’s customised AI software indexes the commentary or narration of the footage, allowing you to search for the exact clips you need for your project.

And the AI doesn’t just pick up on the commentary. If you’re looking for particular drivers the AI can recognise faces, even in fairly unlikely contexts.

Perhaps you need footage of a particular brand’s sponsorship? Type in ‘Lancia Martini’ and see the many clips of the famous rally and sportscars to choose from.

Perhaps what you’re looking for is more spectacular. How about searching for ‘fire’? The AI is clever enough to recognise, for example, a pitlane fire or even the spectacular pyrotechnics as a full-works Group B rally car shifts gear at full throttle, even if the narration doesn’t mention it.
Currently there is approximately 200 hours of footage available to search but more is being added every day.

Log in is required to search the footage. Simply sign up through the webpage and your account will be activated promptly.