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NHNZ Worldwide is pleased to announce the addition of 4K Bornean Orangutan and Chinese wildlife clips, adding to our 15,000 hours of specialist footage and 50,000 online clips available for licensing around the world.

New footage is available from the Tibetan Plateau, home to a surprising array of animals, surviving in this brutal high altitude environment. Living at 5000 meters above sea level is unusual for any cold blooded reptile but NHNZ Worldwide have managed to film the Tibetan Plateau’s only species of snake - the Hot Spring Snake, in action amongst the volcanic springs which enable its survival. NHNZ Worldwide’s library also hosts new content ranging from China’s fastest animal, the Tibetan antelope, to clips of the giant Tibetan bear along with its gorgeous cubs, its Wild Yaks and its tiny grassland Pika. Aiming to capture footage of the animals living their day to day lives, NHNZ Worldwide’s clips of Tibet’s only primate – the Tibetan Macaque – cover a huge array of behaviors such as parental care, mating, foraging, fighting, swimming, bathing and grooming.

Neighboring Tibet, and stretching from the precipitous snowy peaks in the north to dense tropical rainforests in the south, the Yunnan Province is home to China’s largest number of animal species and our library showcases the region’s priceless biodiversity. In covering this Province, NHNZ Worldwide has managed to film the Asiatic Black Bear scavenging, Giant Salamanders, the Black Crested Gibbon feeding and suckling its young, and also Red Pandas foraging, climbing and grooming. NHNZ Worldwide’s footage includes the rarest and highest-living primates in the world, such as the Bengal Slow Loris and the Yunnan Snub Nosed Monkeys, which NHNZ Worldwide has captured feeding on lichen, fighting, leaping through trees and foraging in snow, plus the last remaining troop of wild Asian elephants bathing, suckling and being well cared for by their parents.

Come and check out all the Chinese wildlife NHNZ Worldwide Footage has on offer!

As a leading supplier of orangutan content, NHNZ Worldwide has added to its current collection in this space with additional clips of the Bornean Orangutan (pongo pygmaeus) which is endemic to the island of Borneo. The Bornean Orangutan is highly intelligent and we have managed to capture tool work, such as using sticks to test water depth and poke holes for termites, and using leaves as umbrellas. We are keen to shed the spotlight on these amazing creatures as the Bornean Orangutan population of just an estimated 50,000 – 60,000 individuals, is critically endangered.

NHNZ Worldwide’s footage site continues to grow its natural history content offering so check out these new collections at footage.nhnz.tv, or contact our team directly by email at [email protected] . NHNZ Worldwide’s renowned personalized service is offered by an experienced team of researchers and content specialists, led by senior archivist Jamie Thorp.