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Join FOCAL International

Membership of FOCAL International is divided into 3 main groups:

Companies selling footage

Footage & Content libraries or Companies providing Skills & Services to the footage industry such as post production.

Annual Membership Fee
£750.00 (plus VAT if applicable)

Individuals providing Skills & Services to the footage industry

Such as Researchers, Archive Producers, Consultants etc.

Annual Membership Fee
£99.00 (plus VAT if applicable)

Students and Newcomers to the audio-visual industry - introductory offer is available to help develop career and networking.

Available for the first year of membership only - please contact the FOCAL Office for further details.

Annual Membership Fee
£25.00 (plus VAT if applicable)

For more information read the membership benefits and the conditions on the registration/membership agreement.

Important information

Before applying for membership online please contact the FOCAL office to confirm the appropriate membership category for you or your company.

Contact FOCAL on [email protected]

When you have confirmed the appropriate membership category, please complete the form below and you will be alerted when the membership has been approved and activated. You will then have access to the members' area of the FOCAL International website where you can check your contact details, upload logos, showreels, stills, nominations etc.

Most importantly, you should activate the Footage & Content Finder or Skills & Services Finder, whichever is relevant to your membership, by assigning an appropriate email address to receive the requests.

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